Essential Oils

Essencia, leader in 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils

Essencia was founded in Switzerland, a country of great natural diversity to distribute essential oils. The characteristics of essential oils can vary depending on many factors such as location, soil conditions and climate. Hence their quality strongly differs from one supplier to another.

We are renowned for our expertise and dedication to quality that result both from our experience in working with natural raw materials and from our collaboration with the most reliable suppliers worldwide.

Essencia Organic and Pharma essential oils

Organic and Pharma essential oils

Our 100% pure and natural essential oils are used in food, neutraceuticals, oral care and cosmetic products, which is why they are backed up by a rigorous quality control in our own laboratory. Moreover, our customers benefit from experts’ advice on how they are best used. We also offer oils in organic and pharmaceutical quality.

Our essential oils are certified by external institutes such as

Swissmedic CertifiedISO9001 Certified Bio.inspecta Certified

Special essences dedicated to edible or topical finished products require specific and extremely strict certifications. We deliver such certificates upon request.

A wide essential oils catalogue

Essencia offers a wide and qualitative collection of 150 essential oils and 60 organic essential oils at a minimum order quantity of 1kg.