Swiss Natural Fragrance Designers

100% Natural Perfumes Collection

The creation of natural fragrances can be challenging. Indeed, the palette of natural raw materials is limited compared to synthetic ingredients. It may be reduced due to various reasons such as the protection of endangered species or the prohibition of animal-derived ingredients. Thanks to our strong knowledge of natural products, we have succeeded in creating qualitative and competitive natural fragrances in the frame of strict guidelines.

Our expert fragrance designers select, improve, adapt or imagine your dream fragrance from scratch.

TrueScent™ or the art of blending natural ingredients

We created the TrueScent™ collection to answer the rising demand for natural perfumes. TrueScent™ is composed of over 250 balanced, sophisticated 100% natural scents. The collection is regularly updated and supplemented with our new creations. These 100% natural creations are easy to adapt and mostly cover every product category:


Our perfumes

  • Are 100% natural
  • Are allergen-free
  • Are CMR free
  • Cover various olfactive areas

TrueScent™ fragrances are available in almost all olfactive directions and are certified as 100% natural. They meet the highest standards of green labels (Cosmos, BDIH or Natrue) and can be adjusted to your specific certification and regulatory needs.