The rise of essential oils

A recent study shows that the aromatherapy market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 8% between 2021 and 2028. Essential oils have experienced a true revival in cosmetics in recent years. Their ability to impart a wide range of unique and pleasant aromas in cosmetic products and acting as active agents (sun protection, anti-ageing, anti-microbial…) make them prized and highly valued ingredients in cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

The “back to nature” trend, with its growing demand for organic, pure and natural ingredients in various fields, has greatly increased the use of botanical extracts and oils. Consumers have become more aware of the health benefits of essential oils. They are also increasingly interested in learning more about the link between scents and emotions.

Aromatherapy is increasingly used at home to improve physical or psychological well-being: aromatherapy candles, bath products, essential oils are now widely used and have been shown to be effective in soothing babies, relieving stress and promoting a healthier life.

With the increased use of essential oils, people need to be aware that most essential oils do contain allergens. Hence a wrong use or a too high dosage could generate some allergic reactions. The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) offers guidelines on safe use of essential oils in cosmetics, which should also be considered and respected.

Essential oils are also an important components of fragrances, offering a wide variety of choices for fragrance formulations, especially for natural perfumes. In this respect as well, the future of essential oils looks promising with a strongly increasing demand from the cosmetics and fragrance industries.

With more than 70 years of experience with essential oils Essencia continues to expand and offers its customers an ever-growing portfolio of natural perfumes and essential oils of the highest quality. Indeed with increasing demand comes a higher risk of seeing lower quality of oils being put on the market, making a solid and trustworthy quality control a must. Combining our in-house full analytical quality checks with the nose of our perfumers, Essencia is able to deliver only the best qualities to our customers.

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