Why Essencia

3 reasons to trust Essencia


Fragrance creations “Made in Switzerland”

Essencia stands out for its unique service “Made in Switzerland”. Indeed, our clients trust our legendary Swiss seriousness. All tasks are vertically integrated at our Headquarters in Switzerland, therefore ensuring the best response and quality. Our facilities are audited and certified by Swissmedic, ISO, Bio-Inspecta and Ecocert. Today we export to more than 30 countries around the world.

Quality control

Our team applies a strict in-house quality control on raw materials. We check each batch for possible variations. To validate a batch, we apply “classical” analytical methods (chromatography, optical rotation, etc..). Additionally, all our essential oils are olfactively controlled by our perfumers, an added control quite unique in our industry.

Traceability and transparency

We have established a reliable, long-term collaboration with the most skilled producers worldwide. Our clients are notified if the production of an essence is reduced or no longer possible.

Flexibility and responsiveness

We take our clients constraints into consideration, whatever the size of the company. We therefore accept small orders (MOQ: 1kg). Thanks to the synergy of our distribution network and in-house teams, we are quick at answering all your requests.


Creative by nature

We are a team of passionate creative perfumers, who help you build your successful fragrance. We guide our clients with a sharp vision of various markets and consumer demands and help them make the best choices. Our creations are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.


Certified quality

We supply very demanding industries such as the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry. Our perfumes meet IFRA guidelines and standards. We provide all required certificates such as SDS, IFRA, and allergen declaration lists whatever the size of your order. The quality of our perfumes is certified by external visas:

Swissmedic certified Bio.inspecta certified ISO9001 certifiedIFRA certified