Who we are

Swiss natural fragrance designers

Essencia, Swiss natural fragrance designers

Essencia is a Swiss fragrance manufacturer that specializes in natural raw materials. Founded in 1949 in Switzerland, a country of great natural diversity, Essencia has developed a strong expertise working with botanicals. With over 70 years of experience with natural ingredients and essential oils and over 60 years in perfumery, the company now specializes in the creation of natural fragrances.

Quality at the heart of everything we do

Sourcing raw materials worldwide, we know that climate conditions impact harvests, quality and costs. Therefore, we use our know‑how to balance out the possible variations in natural fragrances. Thanks to our strict in‑house quality control and long-term partnerships with the most skilled suppliers, we guarantee consistent quality certified by external visas. Our Swiss seriousness, reliability and consistency allow us to supply demanding industries such as the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry.


Essencia has always been a trader for high quality essential oils. In the past few years, we have decided to further explore their exceptional properties, using olfactive sensorial techniques. Essencia now specializes in creating and producing natural fragrances and trading high-end essential oils, while offering synthetic perfumes and natural hybrids as well.

  1. Swiss landscape


    Essencia is founded by a family in Switzerland for the distribution of essential oils.

  2. Essencia took its first steps into the perfumery world


    Essencia takes its first steps into the perfumery world.

  3. A fragrance creator took the lead of the company.


    A fragrance creator takes the lead of the company.

  4. New laboratory


    The company continues to grow and requires a relocation to larger premises.

  5. Essencia moves to the current location, a new plant with integrated laboratories.


    Essencia moves to its current location, a new plant with integrated laboratories.

  6. Expertise in natural ingredients and perfumery


    Following the change of ownership and management, a new era starts with a clear focus on creating natural fragrance creation using our expertise in natural ingredients and perfumery.

  7. Essencia, leader in essential oils


    Essencia specializes in natural fragrances and offers pure and natural essential oils.

  8. Switzerland


    To be continued, with plenty of innovative milestones to come.

A worldwide presence – Local partners

Since its creation in 1949, Essencia keeps growing and meanwhile exports its products in over 30 countries.
Our products and services are available at a global level through our wide network of local partners.

United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Poland, Greece, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, USA, South Africa