Essential oils fragrances

Essential oils fragrances

Considering recent events, the Beauty and Personal Care industry has witnessed a shift in the behaviour of consumers towards safe and reliable products. A recent study predicts significant growth in the global fragrance market by 2025, mainly due to increased consumer awareness of personal hygiene. Together with shifting preferences towards natural personal care, the demand for products with antimicrobial properties is rising.

Perfumes and essential oils have been part of our lives for ages. Essential oils have always been used for their benefits to the mind, body and soul. Good blends of essential oils claim to do it all: relax, energize, treat pain, improve skin, support the immune system, balance both mood and emotions. Existing research also shows that compounds of certain essential oils have great antimicrobial properties.

Source: Grandview

Home fragrances trend

Home fragrances market trend

Scented candles are one of the fastest growing categories in the home fragrance industry, mainly due to the growing demand for aromatherapy.


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