Trends 2021-22

Trends 2021-22

The current pandemic has radically changed everyone’s habits. It has changed the way we work, learn, and interact. Social distance has led to a more virtual life, both personally and professionally.

Research shows that it has also triggered a wave of mental health problems such as isolation, anxiety, or depression. At the same time, from lifestyle changes to better eating habits, people are taking advantage of this time to live healthier in many areas.

Today, we are longing to escape from our daily lives, at least temporarily and mentally, if not physically. That is why we’ve created a new collection of natural fragrances based on the ambivalence of cold and warm powers. This collection will bring back fond memories of your last holiday, a chilly walk in the snow or a hot day at the beach.

Contact us to discover these new scents, which will undoubtedly boost your emotions, mood, and well-being.


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